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AgResources Development™ Group International (ADG INTL) is a research-based developer and supplier of innovative nutritional products and natural health ingredients for specialty nutrition markets - functional food, health, and nutritional supplements.

ADG INTL also provides technical management and analytical support services to government and private sectors in areas of food and nutrition research; food technology; process and quality improvement; value-added agribusiness development; procurement of food, health products, and dietary supplements; international trade development; technology transfer. Also, ADG has the experience and expertise to help small businesses in technical management consulting or early-stage "research and development" design and strategies, technical feasibility, and product development.

ADG INTL differentiates itself as a technical management consulting and contract service provider plus a supplier of nutritional products (lifelong health products) that support healthy living.

ADG INTL is committed to providing superior service and high quality natural products and specialty nutrition products to our customers and business partners. We remain committed to our mission and in seeking strategic alliances and international trade partners to grow our business.

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Our vision is to become a global leading source of specialty nutrition innovations and "food technology consulting" that improves people's lives worldwide. ADG will achieve this aspiration by:

  • Creating value and sustainable technological and nutritional solutions.
  • Promoting the benefits of nutritional products, nutritional supplements, and natural health ingredients in health and wellness markets. 
  • Capitalizing on technology transfer, proven processes & technologies, and green technology. 
  • Adding value to the food supply chain regarding eco-friendly and healthy nutrition concepts.
  • Strategic partnerships & alliances.
  • Delivering solutions that improve food security, health and wellness of people in developing countries, consistent with ADG's commitment to social responsibility.



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AgResources Development™ food technology consulting is specially designed to empower developing countries to harness indigenous human and natural resources. adgintl.comThis includes technology transfer, green technology, product development, research and development, training activities involving education, knowledge dissemination, and workshops.

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