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ADG INTL offers three distinct types of services: technical management consulting, procurement, and contract research & value-added services.

ADG INTL provides technical management and analytical support services to government and private sectors in areas of "food and nutrition research"; food technology; process and quality improvement; value-added agribusiness development; procurement of food, health products, and dietary supplements; international trade development; technology transfer. Also, ADG INTL has the experience and expertise to help small businesses in technical management consulting or early-stage "research and development" design and strategies, technical feasibility, and product development.

Corporate Problem Solving

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I. Technical Management Consulting

  • R&D Feasibility Study
  • R&D Design , Planning, & Training
  • Project Management
  • Process & Quality Improvement
  • Functional Food Ingredients: Application & Business Development
  • Dairy & Soy Protein Applications & Product Development
  • Protein Technology & Functionality
  • Enzyme Technology; Bio-process development & improvement
  • Food Technology Transfer
  • Nutritional Initiatives
  • Byproduct Valuation & Utilization

II. Procurement

  • Government Procurement & Contracting
  • International Trade Development
  • Strategic Product Sourcing
  • Food Supply-Chain Development
  • Health Products - Dietary & Specialty Foods, Nutritional Supplements

III. Contract Research & Value-Added Services

  • Bio-conversion of Commodities to Value-Added Products
  • Bio-process development, infusion, or improvement
  • Bioactive Ingredients Extraction and Development
  • Value-Added Agribusiness Development
  • Analytical and Biochemical Research Evaluation
  • E-Commerce

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